Reply to Comment

What is this angle?

The Reply to Comment angle is a great way to bring your customer engagement to the next level!

This style of ad lets you respond to online comments, address questions, and foster deeper connections with your audience.

This approach often features an eye-catching image of the comment or a lively screenshot of a back-and-forth interaction between the brand and the customer.

Why is this effective?

  • You can speak directly to common customer concerns and questions to position yourself ahead of your competitors.

  • The use of authentic user content grabs attention and builds trust.

  • Customers feel heard and valued because you take their inquiries seriously.

How to create this.

  • Work with your team to collect comments that contain your most frequently asked questions, recurring customer concerns, and inquiries from both your socials and paid ads.

  • Build creative that is directly in response to a specific comment.

  • Overlay the comment on your creative and get to testing!

  • TIP! You can reply to funny or sassy comments and turn them into paid ads that further encourage engagement.


What is this angle?

ASMR stands for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response," which is a tingling “goosebump” sensation in response to specific audio or visual stimuli. Ads using this angle are designed to capitalize on this feeling.

This tingling sensation can be triggered by a variety of stimuli including tapping, stirring, crunching, and other “oddly satisfying” sounds, and makes for a unique sensory experience and engaging ad.

Why is this effective?

  • ASMR videos help to strengthen the emotional connection between your brand and your potential customers. They encourage feelings of tranquility, trust, and intimacy, which potential customers then associate with your brand.

  • ASMR videos create a more immersive and memorable experience, helping customers to envision themselves using or interacting with your product.

How to create this.

  • Choose a quiet, visually appealing location to film your ad.

  • Ensure there is no additional background noise to keep your video focused.

  • Utilize creative camera angles and editing techniques to engage the viewer and enhance the ASMR experience.

  • TIP! To create a truly immersive ASMR experience, aim for crystal-clear audio that takes center stage. Ditch the background music and embrace the art of curating satisfying sounds.

X Reasons Why

What is this angle?

“X Reasons Why” is a classic performance angle that lists compelling reasons why the viewer should buy your product. This style of content is great at quickly highlighting the best-selling features of your product/service or addressing potential objections to purchasing.

Why is this effective?

  • These ads are clear and concise, making it easier for audiences to remember key information about your product or service.

  • You can control the narrative and highlight compelling and unexpected reasons why your product is valuable for the viewer, helping to further differentiate yourself from the competition.

How to create this.

  • Decide on the 3-5 most important things you want people to know about your product or service.

  • Find a way to showcase these points in your content and frame it in a manner that makes it clear to the viewer why they should care.

  • Include a variety of different clips to add movement to your video and keep it engaging.

  • TIP! Using creator content can increase social proof to your marketing efforts! Customers often view product opinions from other customers (or content creators) as more credible and trustworthy than direct brand messaging.


What is this angle?

A Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) ad “pulls back the curtain” on the inner workings of a company. This type of ad aims to create a connection between your brand and your audience by showcasing – “behind-the-scenes” – your brand’s operations, learnings, people, and/or story.

Why is this effective?

  • This angle is great for “humanizing” your company by showing the real people behind the brand.

  • They add transparency to your brand, fostering trust and credibility by giving your customers an inside look at how things are done.

  • These videos are often entertaining and engaging! Think about it! The long-running TV show “How It’s Made” has proven that people want to see behind-the-scenes content on how products are created and distributed.

How to create this.

  • Work with your team to film videos that showcase some of the day-to-day inner workings of your company. This doesn't have to be anything fancy!

  • Ensure your videos are authentic to your company as this is what will keep viewers engaged.

  • Add some final post production touches and start testing!

  • TIP! The use of humor in BTS videos is a great way to increase the likeability of your brand.

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Product Informational

What is this angle?

A product informational video is an explainer video that discusses or demonstrates the benefits of a product. These videos often focus on how the product relieves the pain points many customers have.

Why is this effective?

  • It clearly showcases your product's unique features and benefits, and positions it in a manner that makes it easy for the viewer to understand how your product can enhance their life.

  • Brands can leverage the social proof of content creators to pitch their products in authentic and trend-savvy formats.

  • Prospective customers can be shown exactly where and how to purchase a product.

How to create this.

  • Decide on the key points you want to highlight, these should largely be focused on what sets you apart from your competitors. But be sure to keep it simple: focus on clear and concise messaging.

  • Before filming, put together a list of what key shots you want to capture to showcase your product. Be sure that they make sense with the messaging you have decided on and adjust accordingly if necessary.

  • Put it all together, make any final adjustments and start testing!

  • TIP! Using storytelling and animation can make the content more entertaining and memorable, further enhancing its impact.

  • TIP! Using a Green Screen effect in a product informational video can enhance its overall appeal. Here is our tutorial on creating Green Screen videos to get you started. →

Top Tips

What is this angle?

“Top Tips” is a classic evergreen angle that focuses on giving valuable and actionable tips to customers on how to optimize their experience with your product, to achieve the best results.

The goal is to educate and inform your audience and position your brand as an expert in your field while simultaneously building trust and credibility with customers.

Why is this effective?

  • These types of ads often tap into common pain points or challenges faced by your audience, making the information more relatable and memorable.

  • Your ad provides value to the customer. They feel like they’re gaining important information by watching your video.

How to create this.

  • Work with your team to figure out what you can teach your viewers! This should be a relatable problem!

  • Decide on simple, actionable, and memorable tips to share with your viewers.

  • Include a variety of different clips to keep your video engaging. Remember in this case it is your job to make learning fun!

  • TIP! The practical and actionable nature of “Top Tips” ads makes them highly shareable, which can increase their reach and impact. So try not to be too niche with what you are teaching!

Product Feature Highlight

What is this angle?

A Product Feature Highlight refers to a piece of content that highlights key features that you and your brand want customers to know about when they consider purchasing your product.

Using badges is an effective way to accomplish this. In this format, badges are placed around the product with text that highlights key features of the product and/or offer.

Why is this effective?

  • This style of ad uses a captivating visual display to effectively highlight the distinctive qualities of your product and allows your audience to grasp the unique advantages your product holds over competitors in the market.

How to create this.

  • Start with a clean product image that has been framed to have additional empty space.

  • Pick the top product features you want to highlight and build those into fun, eye-catching badges.

  • Arrange the badges around your product and get ready to start testing!

  • TIP! GIFs are an especially effective format for Badge Feature Highlights. They grab your audience’s attention by revealing each badge one by one, making the content both informative and visually dynamic, while also encouraging the customer to read every highlight.

In This Economy

What is this angle?

“In this economy” refers to an angle that demonstrates to viewers how purchasing a brand’s product can save them money during difficult economic times.

Why is this effective?

  • Most people enjoy advice that could improve the way they live. This is evidenced in the significant rise in the popularity of TikTok Life Hack videos!

  • People are more likely to seek out ways to save money in times of economic uncertainty. Therefore, a product that helps to save money is valuable and often worth the purchase cost.

How to create this.

  • First, identify how your product or service can save people money. This should be a relatable problem that people are looking to solve (e.g. Spending too much money on caffeinated drinks).

  • Decide on a fun way to showcase this issue, positioning your product or service as the solution.

  • Get to creating! Play around with different styles to give your team lots to test!

  • TIP! The task of saving money can be daunting and confusing, so be sure to break it down and make it simple and easy for your audience to understand. Text is an excellent way to include useful information such as cost per use.

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